Book Review: Warriors-Into The Wild



Hello!  Today, I decided to review the Warriors cat series!  It is so good and I totally recommend it!


Erin Hunter


One day, Rusty, a young kittypet stumbles upon two cats..two warrior cats.  He decides to join Thunderclan with them and leave his old housecat life behind.  Thunderclan is one of the four clans that divide their territories in the forest.  Right when Rusty joins the clan, the clan faces threats and possible deception.  But in the end, Rusty might just turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all…

Ways that Warriors changed the way I think about cats:

Right now, the odds are that you probably think of kittens as cute.  But in Warriors, these cats fought for their prey, faced hardship, and battled with dedication.  This book showed me that cats can be more than just cute.

Types of readers that Warriors will work for:

If you love cats, you will probably get into this book easily.  But if you don’t exactly care for cats, Erin Hunter’s Survivors Series might be more up your alley.


Thank you for reading!  Oh and I have some AWESOME news!  Guess what Shannon Messenger just released on her blog… THE COVER OF THE FIFTH BOOK!

You might just need to take a look yourself.


Bidding you a bookish farewell,



17 thoughts on “Book Review: Warriors-Into The Wild

  1. Ooh! That looks like a cool book! I have a cat named Rusty. 😉
    AAH! Isn’t the Lodestar cover just AMAZING? I mean just LOOK at Sophie! 😮 XD

    -Clara ❤

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  2. Ahhhh I remember those books!! I used to LOVE that series so much. XD My friends and I put together a little Warrior Cats club once, but it didn’t last for long. LOL.
    YES. I mean, just look at Sophie’s stance and that face of determination. She’s like, “Bring it on!”

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    1. That is so cool! Yeah, when I was little, I used to start “clubs” 😉
      I can’s wait until November first to read Lodestar! Shannon Messenger is evil! How dare she make a cliffhanger that huge and then make us wait a whole YEAR to read the next one! (We bookworms have A LOT of patience)

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  3. A lot of people I know like the Warriors books 😀 I’m not a huge fan of books in the perspective of animals, but I might look for these books at the library and give them a try. The new Keeper cover is super cool! I actually finished the first book this week and loved it ❤ I can't wait to read Exile!



  4. Ack! I love Warriors so much, that, in fact, I’m reading one right now! Me and my friends used to have a sort of a “club” where we’d pretend we were Warriors. We got a little carried away with it… XD

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