Word Of The Week: Bissextial

Hello, it’s Me.  (I’ve been wondering after all these years…)  Today I have a new word of the week!

So today’s word is PERFECT for today:  leap day!  I think it will be so much fun to read what you come up with!  If you’re not familiar with word of the week, here are the basics:

  • You are invited to use this word in a sentence in the comments-be as creative as you want!
  • You can also include it in your post!



Word:  Bissextial

Meaning:  leap year in the Julian or calendar.

It is a noun.


Historical Examples
  • Can we therefore believe that the Egyptians before this period were ignorant of the bissextile intercalation?

  • This fourth year was denominated bissextile, because the sixth day before the Kalends of March was reckoned twice.

    Denison Olmsted
  • The bissextile is known to have been used by the Mayas, Tzendals, and Quichés, and it was probably common.

    John D. Baldwin

Found on Dictionary.com


In reference to Roman leap year, from Late Latin (annus) bissextilis “leap year,” literally “the twice sixth-day,” because the sixth day before the Calends of March was doubled.


Have fun!

Bidding you a bookish farewell,




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