The Worst Day-Finale

It is finally here!  The finale of the worst day!  *trumpets sound*

Here it is:

At least taking my school picture went well for the first few minutes. I stood in a line for about twenty minutes. As I waited, my stomach had begun to grumble, but I figured that it wasn’t anything too serious. But by the time I was second or third in line, it felt like someone had punched my liver. The picture lady called me up and positioned my hands and tucked in my legs. She then ran over to the camera. “Okay, one, two –“she began. My stomach was really hurting then. I felt something creeping up my throat and before she said three, something came out. All of the undigested remnants of that morning’s oatmeal came spilling out. “Retake?” I squeaked. “Next!”, she replied. I sighed as I realized that now I had to serve detention for Mrs. Walters. “Today really is the worst day of my life, ” I muttered as I walked out of the room.
. . .
“I’m going to dust on that stool?”, I asked as I pointed to the million-year-old stool that looked VERY wobbly. “Yes, you will!” she said sternly as she handed me a duster to dust the tops of her cabinets. “Okay then!” I braved my fears as I climbed up the stool. It began to wobble but I climbed higher and higher until…until I fell.
I woke up in a very beige hospital room. I was in a bed, and Mom was sitting on a chair next to me. “Where am I?” I asked. “You’re awake! But I have some bad news…” When I didn’t answer, she continued. “The doctors gave you an X-ray, and you broke your right elbow. You have a splint on, and the doctors are going to give you a cast.” “What?! That’s the hand I write with though!” “I know. But sadly you’ll be more concerned about something else. Someone threw a chocolate bar in our backyard and Yip ate too much of it. Dad took him to the vet and we’re not sure if he’s alright. “NOOOO!” I shouted. “Sweetie, I think you should get some more rest.” I nodded weakly and laid down my head. I thought about how horrible that day was. Things will never turn out better, and today was just proof of that. I thought as I laid down my head.
. . .
I awoke in my bedroom, in my very own bed. I lifted up the covers, expecting to see a cast, but instead I found my bare arm! Wait a second…”This must be a dream”, I thought. I was startled to hear a peppy feminine voice come from the other side of the room. “You guessed right, honey, this is a dream!” I looked up and found a woman in a bright pink pantsuit sitting on my bean bag. She had blond hair, a huge smile, and the whitest teeth I had ever seen. “Well, I think we should get to work! “ she cheerily said. “Uh…what work? And who are you?” “Well, I’m your personal perker-upper!” “You’re serious.” “Yep! Today we have a lot of work to do!” I decided it was safer to stare blankly at her rather than reply. She snapped her fingers and a giant flat screen appeared on my dresser. “Are you ready?” “To be honest, not really.” “Great! Let’s get started!”
The lights dimmed and the screen flickered to life. On the screen, I saw Lucy at the mall. She was checking out at the shoe store and she was buying…could it be? She was buying me the same blue shoes that I ruined. “Looks like someone cares about her friend.” “It sure does.” I replied. I watched as she thanked the cashier and walked out the door.
A new image appeared. I was surprised to see Mrs. Walters grading our report cards. Not only was she grading report cards, but she was grading my report card. She was marking the grade for my most recent paper, the one that was destroyed. “Poor girl,” she whispered as the marked my grade as an A. Did Mrs. Walters just do something nice? More clips flooded the screen. I saw Cody writing me a “sorry” note, Dad bringing Yip home safe, Mom buying waffles, and the form to retake my school picture being sent to my email.
“Is this stuff really happening?”, I asked. “Yep! Isn’t it wonderful?!” she replied. “Yeah, but…why?” I wondered. “Because sometimes things turn out better than we think they can.” And then she disappeared.
. . .
The next day, everything I saw in the dream really happened. Lucy apologized with new shoes for me. Cody said sorry, we had waffles for breakfast, Yip was safe and more peppy than ever.
“Well, it looks like you had a better day today!” Mom said to me as we walked home. All I could do was smile and say, “Well, sometimes things turn out better than we think they can!”


Did you like it?  Comment if you did!  BTW, I made an awards page where you tell me in the comments if you nominated me for anything!  I also made a page where I put  all of the parts of this story together.

Bidding you a bookish farewell,



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