Word Of The Week: Atrous

Hello!  I thought that for this week, it would be fun to have a color word!  If you guys use it in the comments, you would make smile like I just got handed an endless supply of books and…Mango Fro Yo!  (I’m giving up chocolate for lent.)  Anyways, lets get started!



Word:  Atrous

Definition:  Coal-black; very black

Language Of Origin:  English

Use In a Sentence:  Her atrous hair shimmered in the sunlight.

Have fun!

Bidding you a bookish farewell,




11 thoughts on “Word Of The Week: Atrous

  1. Ooh…that’s definitely one I can use in my story. Maybe for describing the atrous darkness that falls amongst the caverns as all the lanterns suddenly go out at once. Something like that….

    (I tried!! XD )

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  2. I did not know this word, thanks! Also what in the world is mango fro yo???? I didn’t give up chocolate for lent but will think of you if I eat any before Easter! XXOO


  3. Her soul was now as dark as the atrous depths of the Land of the Condemned – for she had given herself away to the Dark Ways.

    That’s not exactly a cheery passage, is it?

    I love writing… So much that I’m starting a blog that feutures writing! Feel free to check it out of tell others about it! The address: oodlesandbundlesblog.wordpress.com

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