The Worst Day: Part Three

“Since it is the middle of September,” Mr. Coville began in his heavy Indian accent. “It is time to choose lab partners.” The whole class groaned as he brought out a paper bag that I assumed contained names. I was very wrong. He dumped it out on the front table, and out came dead frogs. “Your first assignment is to dissect these frogs.” The class shrieked in disgust as Mr. Coville called out the assigned partners. “Lucy, Alvarez, Stacy Paprik.” Of course, he paired Lucy and I together. This day just keeps getting better and better I thought as I rushed over to her table.
Mr. Coville passed out frogs to each of our lab tables along with many tools. He then explained how to dissect the frogs, until finally he said, “Okay, class, now begin Step One.” We laid our frogs on the board and unfortunately Lucy and I both stabbed the frog at the same time. Frog guts began to spill out…onto my sparkly new shoes.
I began hearing apologies from Lucy, but I completely ignored her. I stalked away to the bathroom and vigorously slammed the door shut. I took off my shoes and dampened a bit of toilet paper. I scrubbed and scrubbed in my anger, but I was horrified to find that with all of my aggressive scrubbing all the color and glitter came off the shoes. The bell rang with a sudden start and I realized I had no choice but to wear them all day.
. . .
At least taking my school picture went well for the first few minutes. I stood in a line for about twenty minutes. As I waited, my stomach had begun to grumble, but I figured that it wasn’t anything too serious. But by the time I was second or third in line, it felt like someone had punched my liver. The picture lady called me up and positioned my hands and tucked in my legs. She then ran over to the camera. “Okay, one, two –“she began. My stomach was really hurting then. I felt something creeping up my throat and before she said three, something came out. All of the undigested remnants of that morning’s oatmeal came spilling out. “Retake?” I squeaked. “Next!”, she replied. I sighed as I realized that now I had to serve detention for Mrs. Walters. “Today really is the worst day of my life, ” I muttered as I walked out of the room.

Did you guys like it?  Are you itching to read more?  If so, just say so in the comments!  Also, I just took a whole new batch of picture so stay tuned for a sample of a short narrative from school, a review of my new book light and time turner necklace, and a TBR for February!  (But I still have to post on my doll blog so they might be a little spread out!)  And of course, I will post the word of the week on Monday and the end of this short story.  I’m excited!  Are you?

Bidding you a bookish farewell,



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