The Worst Day: Part Two

Hello!  I hope that you enjoy part two!  Thank you for all the sweet comments that were left in my last post, you guys are awesome!

“I wonder where your mom even gets that oatmeal! It is so gross!” My friend Lucy said as we walked down the school halls. “I know. But at least I got new shoes!” I smiled as I showed off my new ultra-glittery flats I had bought yesterday. Lucy just stared at them with her jaw hanging open.
“What is it Lucy? Aren’t they just so –“
“I cannot BELIEVE that you copied my style!”
“Lucy, why would I do that?”
“Hmm…Let me think…” she said sarcastically. “Well I happened to buy the exact same pair when I was at the mall with you last week. I bet that you liked them so much, you were jealous and bought the same pair!” she exclaimed. “Lucy, I –“ I never got the chance to explain as she was already walking off in those same blue flats.
. . .
I swiftly took my seat in Mrs. Walters’ history class. She got up from her seat and pointed at the chalkboard, on which a messy “final reports due” was scrawled on the board. “Yes class, you read right. Your final history reports that will testify the marking on your report cards are due today.” Mrs. Walters announced. Everyone stampeded to hand in their reports, everyone except for me. I tried to hide, but it didn’t take long for Mrs. Walters to realize she was missing one report. “Thirty-eight, and thirty-nine… Looks like we are missing just one report!” She scanned the classroom, searching for a victim. “Ah, Stacy!” I sank a bit in my chair.
“Unless you plan to fail this class, I suggest you give me a good explanation as to why your report is not in my hands.”
“Uh, well, you see, my brother sort of shoved my report down the garbage disposal with his oatmeal on top of it.” Mrs. Walters burst out with laughter. “That, my dear, is the worst excuse I have ever heard of in my class!”
“I swear, Mrs. Walters. I can retype it; I’ll even serve detention or something.”
“ I think I just heard the perfect punishment. You shall come in during your lunch period and you shall serve detention by cleaning my classroom!”
The bell began to sound. “Goodbye, children. As for you, Stacy, I expect you to be at this classroom at 12:15 and no later.”
“Yes ma’am.”, I said as I hurried off to science class.

Bidding you a bookish farewell,



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