The Worst Day: Part One

Hi guys!  I wrote a short story and I am going to enter it in my county’s Young Author’s Fair.  I am going to post a bit every two days.  I hope you like it and feel free to leave comments and like!


It all started with the oatmeal. Mom had bought a brand new kind that literally took ten seconds to prepare. She said it would help get her to work on time and my brother and I to school on time. My brother, Cody, had just finished watching his morning television and I had just woken up. Like a half asleep zombie, I stumbled over to the kitchen and sat on one of the stools. Mom and Cody were already dressed. I watched as Mom stirred up to oatmeal and slid it over to us.
“Ugh, what is this stuff? And please don’t tell me it’s another kind of oatmeal!” Cody whined. “As a matter of fact, it is. And it will be the only breakfast you are having so I suggest that you eat it!” Mom snapped. I had decided a long time ago that even though the oatmeal was gross, there really wasn’t any way I was getting something else. So I gobbled it up as quickly as I could. But something tasted off with that oatmeal…I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I quickly ran outside to give Yip, my adorable golden-retriever puppy his daily brush. I carefully stroked his golden fur with the brush, but instead of his usual energy, he seemed somehow sad. He sat quiet and still while I brushed him and he seemed to stay still even when I offered him a treat. Maybe he was having a mood swing. I cleaned out my backpack and threw an old chocolate bar out the window. I reached for my History paper…but it wasn’t there! I rushed out to the kitchen to see if it was there when I saw Cody shoving his oatmeal into the garbage disposal. He seemed to be shoving some sort of paper down too.
“What are you doing?”
“Oh, just seeing if my oatmeal will go down the disposal with a few pieces of paper.”
“Where did you happen to get that paper?”
“Just from your desk.”
“Cody! Why did you do that!?”
“I already told you! I wanted to see if it could go down the disposal!”
“Cody, that was my – ugh, never mind.”
I sulked off to my room, got dressed, slid on my paisley backpack, and biked my way to school.


Bidding you a bookish farewell,



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