Smelling Books

Hello there!  I recently rearranged my bookshelf and got rid of some old picture books and organized my favorite classics, my newest TBR books, etc.

But today we are not going to talk about my rearranged bookshelf.  We are going to talk about smelling books!

nothing, nothing.gif


I have divided my favorite books to smell.

Fresh Off The press

Fresh off the press books have a smell that I think is just so wonderful.  The brand new pages mixed with the just dried ink just…smells good!

Used Books

A few years ago, my first grade teacher gave me used library discard books and I remember loving the way that they smell.  They smelled just like they should smell, loved.

Library books

The smell of a book that has been touched by hundreds of different people and seen hundreds of different houses smell so very old and they have a unique, interesting smell.

Books that smell like absolutely nothing are such disappointments.  I would rather have one good smelling books than hundreds of books that smell like nothing.

Do you like the way books smell?

bidding you a bookish farewell,




9 thoughts on “Smelling Books

  1. I have a thing about smelling books! I am so glad you like it too! Sometimes the smell of books gives me a incredible feeling that I find it impossible to describe – each book has a unique smell, I find. When I smell a book that smells the same as one I read years ago, the memory of that other book will at once come back to me. One of my favourite books, the King Arthur Trilogy, retold by Rosemary Sutcliff, has a special smell all of its own; and so does Jane Eyre, my other favourite book. I have an old copy of Emma by Jane Austen that smells unique too. Sometimes it’s really moving to smell books; especially if it’s years since you’ve read them.


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