Jewelry Bookworms will Love:#2

Hello!  Today I will be doing another episode of Jewelry Book Lovers Will Love!  I basically go on Etsy and find three adorable pieces of jewelry to post about on this blog!  Lets get started!


1.  Harry Potter Glasses Necklace

This necklace is simple but elegant!  I love how it can go with any outfit and I love how ther is a lightning bolt on top of the glasses.



2.  Harry Potter Felix Felicis Earrings

These earrings are beautiful an will remind you of the good Memories from reading Harry Potter whenever you look in the mirror!  Oh, and they are also ADORABLE.



3.  Ceramic Deathly Hallows Harry Potter Ring

This beautiful ring is just too cute!  I love how the ceramic adds a unique tough as well!


That concludes Episode two!  Comment below with your favorites!

Mine was the Ceramic ring.  🙂

Biddding you a bookish farewell,




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