Officially Obsessed With Keeper Of the Lost Cities+Book Review

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Hello fellow bookworms!  Today we are going to talk about a series that I have recently fell in love with:  Keeper Of The Lost Cities!

For Christmas, I received the first three books!  I have finished the first book and I am almost finished with the second book!  Today I am going to review the first book!

How Keeper of The lost Cities Changed The Way I Think:

When Sophie Foster learned that the humans were wrong about the Earth, Sophie felt confused.  But then,  she knew she had to be open to learning about the real Earth.  It changed my thinking because now, I can wonder if the core really is Exile.

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Three Special things About Keeper of The Lost Cities:

  • The book introduced unique characters with different purposes, both good and bad.
  • While the Main character was dealing with the main situation, she also faced family problems.
  • This book makes you cry and smile at the same time; the insights make you think, and the ethical situations make you wonder what sid you’re on.

Who will most enjoy this book?

I think that readers that will most enjoy this series are adventurers and those who enjoy dialogue and plot.  The plot fits into place with different puzzle pieces and along the way, you try to figure out where each puzzle piece belongs.  In the book, I also noticed that there is a lot of dialogue.  almost nobody enjoys a book with little speaking.

I hope you enjoyed my book review!  Please comment below!

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