2015 Holiday Room Tour:My Bed And Dresser


Hi!  Today I am going to show you my bed and my dresser!


First, lets take a look at my bed!  My best friend gave it to me as an early birthday present.

IMG_20151212_081933It is double sided and the holiday side has Christmas Trees!

IMG_20151212_081910Beside my bed and in between my dresser I have piles of books that I like to read.  (Yes, Even MORE books!)

IMG_20151212_081905IMG_20151212_081948On my dresser I have a mirror and lots of little knick Knacks.  IMG_20151212_082009

I have wreaths, a snowman neklace, a vase of silver branches, and a pink Christmas tree.


I have lots of jewelry!


I hope you enjoyed!  Bidding you a bookish farewell,




9 thoughts on “2015 Holiday Room Tour:My Bed And Dresser

    1. Thanks! It actually has a pretty interesting story! My friend that gave it to me lives across the street, and her Mom invited us over to their house for a Holiday Party. When i came over, she was really excited to show me her new bed covers! I saw them and told her that I HAD to have them. One day after school, she said she had an early Birthday Present for me. It was the same covers! Anyways, thank you for commenting.

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