My 2015 Christmas/Birthday Wish List

Hi everyone!  Today I thought I would post my wish list for my Birthday AND Christmas since they are so close.

1:  Keeper Of the Lost Cities


I know that this may be surprising, but I have not read a SINGLE Keeper Of the Lost Cities book, but I think that they would be fun to read since so many people like the series.  What is your opinion about the series?

2:  Clarinet


My Mom said that since I was really dedicated to the instrument, and she ordered a used one off eBay!  YAY!


3:  Literary Scarf

These scarves are just so cool!  I could wear it every day!

4:  Camera



I really want a new camera!  Not necessarily this one, but a camera!

Bidding you a bookish farewell,




15 thoughts on “My 2015 Christmas/Birthday Wish List

  1. Cool Christmas list. That scarf is AWESOME!! I haven’t read Keeper of the Lost Cities either but everyone raves about them. So I’ll probably get it from the library and check it out. 🙂
    Merry Christmas ❤


    1. Yeah! I first saw the scarf in an Uncommon Goods Catalog! I am so excited for the clarinet! I just borrow one from the school but the bad part about that is that I have to return it at the end of the year and every year, I am always a little rusty from not playing for two months.


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