CWWC Challenge Three

Hello everyone!  Happy Holidays!  I am so excited for some upcoming posts that I simply can not bear to give you all a sneak peek…

  • a very exciting guest post with Loren from BlueEyesGrayEyes
  •  A tour of my room with Holiday trimmings.
  • A book review of Down River
  • A book review of Meaning Of Maggie
  • CWWC challenges
  • Some of the amazing things that I will (hopefully) receive for Christmas
  • And many other exciting posts!

I used 2 of the prompts.  I am very excited to start writing so here we go!


(I really enjoy writing prologues.)

As I stared at the chain link fence that I was about to climb, a sudden thought ventured into my head that have never come before, Why am I doing this? 

Well, it all started when my Dad and I were sitting down in our large living room in our even larger Mansion that once belonged to my mother.  My father was a busy lawyer that seemed to care more about taking care of client’s cases than spending time with his only daughter.  And that theory was demonstrated once again that day.



“Dad, I know that you put me in The Academy to study law before I go to college, but I actually would much rather pursue my career in music, not law.”

“Elizabeth, we have talked about this before, music will not make you nearly as much money as law will.  You are wasting time that should be spent studying when you pluck that guitar.”

“But Dad-”


“There is no need for further conversation my darling.”

I went on talking about how I had written so many songs and how guitar made me happy, but I knew that her wasn’t listening because he used the word indeed like, five times.  I rushed out of the living room and ran up in tears to my room.  I charged into my room and flopped down on my bed.  Tears streamed down my cheeks.  He just doesn’t care, I thought.  He only think I should do something that he wants not something that I want. 

My cell phone rang.  I slowly sulked over to my desk and picked it up.


It was my friend Hannah.

”  Hey Liza, we are all going to do something together, okay?


Yay!  Did you like it?  Go team Half-Blood!

Bidding you a bookish farewell,



12 thoughts on “CWWC Challenge Three

  1. This was fantastic! I love how remarkably you displayed your character’s feelings by the way she “sulked” over to the desk and “flopped” down on her bed. Love it! Too bad you’re not with us Narnians. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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