Catching Up on Winter Challlenge

winter-challeng-snowman (1)

Hi1  Today I am going to catch up on K.A’s Winter Challenge.  I was super busy this week with a clarinet concert among many other things, so today is a catch up day.  also, stay tuned for an exciting book review of Down River, a book that I recently finished.  Onto the Challenge!

Day 2:  Take a picture of a pet outside.  Or just an animal!

So, I sort of cheated on this one because my cat is an indoor cat.  But I have TWO pictures of her to make up for it!

Day 3:  Post about your favorite winter treat or a yummy winter recipe that looks good.


Recipe source

These salted caramel butter bars are SO good!  My mom makes them every Christmas, and they are really yummy!  Feel free to try out the recipe with the link above.

Day 4:  Write about what you like to do in the winter!

I love to do a lot of things in winter!  This year, I am really excited for my Class’ Christmas party!  I also love it When everyone comes together at our Church on Christmas Eve!  I also love it when we sometimes go to Yosemite National Park, where we can see real snow!

Day 5:  5 reasons why you love hot chocolate! 


  •  I love how frothy it is!
  • I love it when I put half a bottle of Caramel syrup in my cup.
  • I also really love to put the cocoa in a crazy cup.  For example, we have a cup with a bunch of cats on it.
  • Marshmallows…
  • I just love how warm it is and the comfort that it brings.

Day 6:  Draw a snowman and take a picture of it.


Bidding you a bookish farewell,



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