My CWWC Challenge 2

Hello!  I came up with my CWWC entry!  I used two prompts and I hope that you like my story!

*The Kingdom’s Cup*

I kneeled at my father’s deathbed.Tears brushed down my cheeks.  His breath was slowing and I clutched his hand in my own.

“Father, I will wait as long is it takes.  I will stay with you, my King.  The kingdom will be in good hands.”  I said as tears streamed like a running river.

“Sofia, can you promise something to me, my dear?”

“Anything, my father,”

“Sofia, this Kingdom is in grave danger.  I am putting all of my trust in you, my only child, to put the kingdom out of danger.  You must visit the Tea Master.  She will give you the Kingdom’s Cup at just the sight of your face.”

“Father, I will do anything for you.  I will save the kingdom and do it in honor of my father, the king.”

“Sofia, my princess, remember the honor and magic within your crown.  Lift your head high, if not the crown shall fall.”

“Father, I shall do it, whatever you ask!”

His fingers were cold, and with a dying breath, the words “I love you, my princess, ”  emitted from his lips.


So that was the prologue to my story!  I hope you liked it!  GO TEAM HALF BLOOD!

Bidding a bookish farewell,



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