Lets Talk About Writing+Part One Of My Book


(Photo belongs to Lauren)

Hello!  Today I wanted to talk about something:  writing.

I recently signed up for the Creating Worlds Writing Camp and I realized that this blog has been lacking one of my favorite things, writing.  I will be posting a lot of my entries for CWWC, but I have also recently written a short story.  Today I will feature the first part.  Please comment with your thoughts and compliments!

Segment I:  A Tractor’s Dream

On a peek of a hillside in Kansas, there was a farm.  The farm always ran smoothly, it had plump cows, healthy crops, and chickens with plentiful eggs.  But the main trade on that farm was sheep.  There were many well guarded sheep on the farm, and each morning, Old Man Joe’s fourteen year old grandson, Billy, would go out to the sheep with the proper tools and shear the sheep for their fleecy wool.  While Billy was shearing the sheep, Old Man Joe would go out and take care of the crops with his tractor.

Now this tractor was not any old tractor!  This tractor was age old and Old Man Joe said that he even couldn’t remember when he got it.  Old Man Joe named the tractor Rusty, because that was exactly what it was!  The tractor’s paint was peeling and the worn iron was corroded.  The tractor’s age had taken a toll.

One day, Old Man Joe was late for supper.  He burst in through the door to find Billy frying some eggs that he had just collected.

“Grandfather, what is the matter?”

“Billy, old Rusty has said her good byes,  I’m afraid Rusty will never be able to harvest our crops ever again”, said Old Man Joe as he sadly took off his hat.




What did you think?  Please comment with your thoughts and I hope you enjoyed my new short story beginning!  I also got a new Gravatar!  Here it is:


And just for winter fun, I drew a snow man!



7 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Writing+Part One Of My Book

  1. I love the first part! 😀 Looking forward to more! 🙂
    Great snowman drawing, too. 😉
    P.S. In the Gravatar picture, is the girl supposed to be you? If so, I like your hair. 🙂


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