Some Awesome Handmade Jewelry That Book Lovers Will Love

Hey!  Today I was looking at Etsy and I came across some super cool and bookish jewelry.  Today I will show you them!

1. Harry Potter time Turner Necklace

even better time turner pic

This Time turner Necklace is perfect for Harry potter Fans!  It is a high fashion piece and a souvenir from the land of Hogwarts all in one!

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snitch necklace

This snitch necklace is perfect for a good old fashioned game of Quidditch…or a time to dress to impress.  The snitch opens to reveal a beautiful note and the wing detail is wonderful.

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hunger games mockingjay neclace

This Hunger Games Inspired locket has a beautiful Mockingjay engraved on the front.  It is very accurately modeled after the Locket that Katniss had in her book.  Maybe you can store a picture of your own loved ones in there!

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cool thingie

I fell in LOVE with these earrings as soon as I saw them!  The classic Platform 9 and 3/4 is the perfect place for you to show off your beautiful earrings!

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mischief managed map necklace  AWESOME SERI

This Pendant is perfect for Managing your mischief!  Maybe a little elf will leave you some of this mischief under the tree…

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cool book earrings

I fell in love with these unique earrings and so will you!  Trust me, everybody will notice your super detailed and awesome earrings!  The set includes three pairs of earrings with mini Hunger Games Books attached to the hooks.  You are sure to love them!

Buy the Earrings


I hope you enjoyed these original, fun, and certainly bookish pieces of jewelry.  My personal favorite was the Time Turner.  What was yours?  I know that all of my outfits would go perfectly with any of the pieces in my wardrobe.  Comment with your favorite piece and remember to follow!  Bidding you a bookish farewell,

-a redhead with a book




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